When the rain's falling sideways and it stings your face
And the sun's just a memory you haven't felt for days
When your fair weather friends have all left you
Alone in some dismal parade
Oh-OH It's just a stormy serenade

When the levy's near breaking and your courage has bailed
And you're that lost at sea sailor with a windless sail
When you're seeing the glass half empty
And your thirst for life's been mislaid
Oh-Oh It's just a stormy serenade

Did you know that the heart beats in three quarter time
No wonder that babies love sweet lullabies
Make friends with the weather
And get on with your day
Follow your heart as it plays
A dark and stormy serenade

When a fog like worry creeps towards your street
And you're running in circles even as you sleep
When your mindscape is littered with train wreck bends
And the engine that could has derailed
Oh-Oh it's a stormy serenade
A dark and stormy serenade
Better days are on the way