I’m walking alone up this steep winding road,
Kicking stones that lie ahead of me not watching where they go
My mood matches the sky it’s a sinking shade of gray
Thinking about your leaving and that snow is on the way

The winter wind is blowing, hear those branches creak and groan
Lately I’ve been singing every sad song that I know
My spirit’s like my jacket, girl it’s worn and torn and frayed
My mind is set on finding you to say what I must say

Baby since you left my heart’s sinking like a stone
Baby I’ll do anything to get you to come home
I’ll throw caution to the wind, just to hold you once again,
Just to hold you once again

Standing at a clearing I see our town way below
The chimney smoke and buildings all captured by the cold
Like a tree void of leaves something’s missing in my day
Now I know your leaving was too great a price to pay

The snow begins to fly and the wind is dying down
I blow some heat on my cold hands, and weigh the pros and cons
But it’s your parting words that echo’round these frosty woods
They tell me in my heart of hearts you might be gone for good

I’m walking back down this steep winding road
I guess I’ll keep on singing every sad song that I know
The swirling snow is blinding but I see things as clear as day
As sure as spring is coming I’ll find you come what may