The Road Not Taken / Rick Demers
Somewhere down the road not taken, we parted company

You were lost and I forsaken, but it worked out well for me.

Moments that are worth remembering are treasured memories

Sad to say we didn't share many, but that's how life can be.

Somewhere on that path less traveled, is where I'd rather be

Through choices made and chances taken there are no easy streets

When a river meets the ocean are her waters finally free?

Like the birds that fly above us we're chained by destiny

Standing tall as shadows lengthen the days are bittersweet

Just to share them with a loved one makes a life complete

Like driftwood salvaged on the shoreline, after many days at sea

The sun and wind can leave it hardened but that’s not so with me

I hope your days on the road not taken were free of misery

May you take some comfort knowing, it worked out well for me

It worked out well for me…. It worked out well for me…